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Tuflex® Spartus Multipurpose Flooring

The Only Rubber Flooring That Won’t Cup, Crown or Buckle. Ever.

Extraordinary Flooring for Extraordinary Spaces

Tuflex® is the only rubber flooring manufactured using a proprietary vulcanization process that fuses the top and bottom layers, creating a permanent flooring solution that provides the ultimate in durability, stability and comfort. It’s also the only rubber flooring that’s both 100% recyclable and Red List Chemical Free. We’re so sure Tuflex® flooring won’t cup, crown or buckle, we guarantee it with our Lifetime Wall-to-Wall Warranty. No environment is too tough for Tuflex®.

Ideal for Spaces: retail, gym, education, transportation

  • New Red List Chemical Free formulation delivers exceptional performance without the use of crumb rubber. Contains 31% bio-based content from rapidly renewable resources.
  • Made in the U.S.A. and meets FloorScore®, NSF332 Platinum and CHPS criteria.
  • Meets or exceeds minimum performance attributes when using ASTM test methods for sound-deadening, antifungal properties, fire rating and sports flooring.
  • Lifetime delamination warranty provides a homogeneous product that will not delaminate.
  • 100% recyclable using our IMPACT recycling program providing a closed-loop manufacturing process.
  • Exclusive 10-year aging performance warranty. Meets or exceeds minimum performance attributes for light stability when tested using ASTM F1515.

EPS-525 Modified Pressure Sensitive Adhesive EW-710 Epoxy Modified Urethane Adhesive U-705 Urethane Wet-Set Adhesive

Health Product Declaration – Tuflex® Spartus

Tuflex® Spartus Multipurpose flooring is a rubber flooring product designed for interior sports and commercial applications. Because of its durability and resilience, Tuflex Spartus is used in many professional sports facilities. The manufacturing process for Tuflex Spartus consists of a unique, permanent vulcanization system that ensures the face coat and base layer will not separate, and we guarantee it for the life of the flooring. Tuflex Spartus’ smooth surface makes it easier to clean and maintain than many other recycled rubber flooring products. Tuflex Spartus has an appealing visual appearance as well as sound and shock absorption and softness under foot. The Tuflex Spartus Multipurpose Flooring Tile formulation is screened according to current authoritative lists and does not contain any chemicals contained in the Living Future Institute’s Red List (Living Building Challenge, Imperative 10), substances of very high concern (SVHC) on the REACH candidate list, or substances restricted under REACH.

Rubber Tiles at 3/8″ Gauge with Square or Interlocking Edges

Tuflex® Spartus Colors

Unlimited color options available with Tuflex® Spartus. Custom color* options let you add your color to our precision-engineered waterjet cutting capabilities.

* 2,000 sq. ft. minimum

The First in the Industry

No crumb rubber. No Red List Chemicals.
No delamination, guaranteed.
A sports floor that performs like no other.


Tuflex® Spartus tiles are manufactured using a proprietary vulcanization process and a new, industry-leading Red List Chemical Free formulation that is FREE of tire-derived crumb rubber – the first in the industry! New Tuflex is FREE of crumb rubber and the hazardous chemicals that can leach through the top layer of other sports flooring, causing discoloration and toxic emissions.

Expand Your Flooring Options

Tuflex® Spartus tiles provide a wide color palette for a variety of applications, including Healthcare, Education, Fitness, Pet Care and Hospitality.
Plus, it’s FREE of crumb rubber for a healthier environment.


Rehabilitation, Long-term Care, Physical Therapy


Recreation, Weight-room Facilities, Field Houses


Clubs, Community Wellness

Sports Facilities

Tunnels, Dugouts, Training Rooms

Pet Care

Doggie Day-care, Veterinary Clinics


Fitness Rooms

Ready for a workout. 100% recyclable. Long-lasting color.

Takes an impact.

We have formulated the top layer of Tuflex to be a mixture of EPDM and SBR both to optimize the top layer performance. Tuflex is ready for a workout in everything from weight rooms to high traffic retail locations.

Makes an IMPACT.

New Tuflex® Spartus is 100% recyclable and made from 33% recyclable material with a minimum of 26% pre-consumer recycled rubber content for a closed-loop manufacturing process. Approved, recycled rubber products reclaimed through Roppe’s IMPACT program are used to manufacture Tuflex® products, and new Tuflex® is 100% recyclable using our IMPACT recycling program.

Long-lasting color, guaranteed.

Our exclusive 10-year aging performance warranty meets or exceeds minimum performance attributes for light stability to make sure your facilities stay in top condition for years to come.